About Us

We Strive to Exceed Your Expectations.

Though we’re solely dedicated to the EMS industry, we are much more than just a billing service. Our clients depend on us to oversee and advise them on governmental regulations, training, contract recommendations, customized systems, reporting and more.

The operational level assistance we provide is key to our clients’ financial stability – and our clients always enjoy increased revenues. In many cases, we’ve more than doubled clients’ revenues.

We continually enhance our services and technologies to meet the changing needs of our clients. We strive to provide you the best possible service, patient assistance, technology, training and innovative solutions.

Our History

MCA was established in 1986, when privately-owned ambulance services were just beginning operations in our region and volunteer agencies were not billing. After seeing the resources provided to the private companies, volunteer agencies became interested in billing. MCA was instrumental in helping volunteer squads through the transition to charging for their services.

Despite the volunteers’ fears, the public supported the change. New equipment was purchased, new buildings were built and volunteers were eventually paid for their time. It was a win-win situation. As a result, Kentucky Medicare asked us to develop a mutual aid system for the state, and so, MCA was born.

8 Denominations of Value MCA offers to you.

1. Economic Value Risk – Free Software to Billing Customers, Leasing Program for Hardware, no upfront start up costs for Billing, no fees per run charged. Fees based on collection rate. Reducing financial risk for squads. Increased revenue being brought back into the company assures improved patient care quality by being able to provide state of the art equipment/providers for patient care.

2. Time Value Risk – We offer electronic submission of information from squads. Electronic claim filing, direct deposit of revenue from insurance company. With MCA ePCR software we are able to transmit information to State of WV without creating extra work for the squads, by dual transmission of information to MCA and WV with single synchronization. Administrative crew time more available for other projects, no filing of paperwork, record keeping required with backups being done on our server. Providing information via disc end of year all transports submitted.

3. Quality Value Risk – MCA offers 22 yrs experience EMS billing specialty. Our Insurance Specialist verifies all insurance information prior to billing charges to insure accuracy of information provided. Low turn over in employment assures quality in detail and knowledge of Medicare & State Welfare rules/regulations. MCA ePCR offers, Nemsis Gold Compliance, internal QA prior to submission to state entities, and MCA for billing requirements reducing errors and quicker turnaround of information being billed. Ownership of our software ensures being up to date prior to Medicare deadlines regarding changes in billing requirements.

4. Guidance/Advice Value – With elimination of billing worries, we offer a partnership with the squads to provide them with the best service. Provide training and support for various elements of the business, documentation & software support. Credentialing & Provider enrollment specialist available for questions about required documentation and enrollment. Analyzing squad transport information and providing projected revenue reports prior to contract squad knows what to expect from our services and can see the value in the services we provide.

5. Political Image Value – Revenue transferred back into community, without risk to local direct fund raising projects. Transferring insurance premiums already being paid by communities back into community to provide increased services.

6. Relational Value – Differences between our company and competition is we “care about” our customers. People matter to our business, we want to have a personal relationship with our customers to develop a bond where we take care of our people, the people take care of the customer, and the customer takes care of us. This is where my suggestion on the customer service survey was referring to as far as having one team (processor/upfront/auditor) per geographical region to provide familiarity for squads when there are discussions among themselves. They all can identify with the same person/team and all be told the same information consistently and have a more personal relationship with MCA.

7. Simplicity Value – MCA ePCR is providing user friendly, efficient convenience for a minimal cost, all while improving resources. Run information available via internet website immediately after synchronization. Quality assurance, run information & reporting available from any a web connection. No internet connection required for data entry at time of patient care, reducing need for paper documentation or double documentation.

8. Emotional Value – Willingness to listen to needs and provide solutions. Willingness to become personal with their concerns and reassure the value of opportunities available to their community service. Support the pride they have in the service they offer their communities.